Payment Options

Cash on Delivery (COD)

We are pleased to accept and prepare your order; however, we do not accept order through credit payments. Accordingly, we are going to ship your purchase on COD (cash on delivery) conditions unless you provide a notification to cancel your order within 10 days after receiving your invoice. 


The customer has the option to purchase the product they wish through Paypal. With Paypal Express Checkout, the order is completed quickly and safely.


Bank transfer

Alternatively, the Buyer may be able to make purchases by wire transfer to the following bank account:

TBA (to be announced)

The name of the buyer or the order number must be entered in the applicant's details. The deposit slip is then sent by email to


Buying a product through cash on delivery is not excluded. The redemption takes place in cash to the employee of the transport company. The customer who chooses the cash will be charged an additional charge as described in the 'Shipping' section.


While you can choose your local language with the language selector at the top of the Pionears website, all items are priced and charged in EUROS at checkout. We recommend contacting your bank to find out their current currency exchange rate and their currency policy.