All Grown UP #GirlsGotMoxie
Let’s be honest, most of us have a period horror story. Whether it’s your tampons falling out of your bag, a desperate late-night trip to the pharmacy, or the most feared: a period stain you’ve been blissfully unaware of all day - we’ve all been there. I’ve definitely had my fair share of moments that still make me twitch when I think of them - periods can seriously beyond suck sometimes! 

First born in Melbourne, Australia back in 2005 as a result of my own frustrations with tampons always rolling around loosely in my handbag, Moxie now exists to make these kinds of days a little less painful. Think quality tampons (available in both Australian Certified Organic cotton and non-organic rayon fibre variants), pads and even liners in super cute, perfectly purse-worthy (and recyclable) tin compacts that won’t break open in your handbag - and you’ve got Moxie. You won’t see ads with women running on the beach in white pants, or bogus claims, or unrealistic promises or embellishments ever coming from us… put simply, we’re real about what we deliver.

We hope you love our products as much as we’ve loved creating them.